Responsive Classroom

At Janney, we utilize the Responsive Classroom approach to build a positive school community.

With Responsive Classroom, the first six weeks of school are critical to establishing a strong foundation. 

In essence, we start slow now, so that we can go fast later.

We work to build a positive classroom and school culture from Day One and incorporate engaging academics along the way.

You may hear your student discussing how they created classroom rules/expectations as a community, how they practiced a classroom routine, or how they shared their hopes and dreams for the school year. All of these practices are part of the Six Weeks of School approach.

At the end of this timeframe, we want to meet these four big goals as a school community. 
  • Create a climate and tone of warmth and safety
  • Teach the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior in each of them. 
  • Introduce students to the physical environment and the materials of the classroom and the school, and teach students how to use and care for them.  
  • Establish expectations about ways we will learn together in the year ahead.

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