Response to Bullying

Janney is committed to providing students with a school environment where everyone is treated with kindness and respect and where no one is physically or emotionally harmed.   

At Janney we strive to build healthy relationships free from discrimination, harassment, or bullying so that students, staff members, and parents feel safe, included, and accepted. 

Bullying is an intentional action taken to purposely hurt someone’s feelings or body.  It involves a real or perceived power difference and is repeated over time.  If you as a parent suspect your child may be experiencing bullying at school or is bullying others,  you should ask your child about it explicitly. Make sure to tell your child that you are there to help and you believe what he or she has to say.  Then notify the Janney principal or designee. Janney will complete a bullying investigation and report back to the parent. 

Please see the following resource, DCPS Bullying Prevention Policy, for additional information.