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Dear Janney Community,

A huge thanks to our custodial team – they have been working hard to get our building ready to welcome back students.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a hard-working team at Janney.

Monday marked the beginning of the second advisory and our forty-sixth day of virtual learning this school year.  I know that last week was challenging for many in our community – parents, caregivers, teachers, and students alike.  Thank you for your continued support of our school.

This letter contains a lot of important information; thank you in advance for reading to the end.  I’ll start with an update on building readiness and will then explain a few of the additions to our virtual schedule that will occur in the second advisory (including live Specials!).  I will share a few upcoming parent-facing events that we are excited to host in the coming weeks and I will end with an explanation of how families can access student report cards online beginning next week.  Reminder information on LSAT elections can be found at the end of my letter.

I know there is a lot of conversation – and some rumors – regarding our reopening plans and where we stand now.  Nothing has changed regarding in-person learning since last week; the Chancellor and the Washington Teachers Union continue to engage in conversations about the return of teachers to school buildings and I have no updates to share.  DCPS is still committed to providing opportunities for students to return to the building in the form of CARE classrooms.  At this time, 36 elementary schools will be able to open one CARE classroom on November 18, but Janney is not one of those schools.  I want to be very clear that teachers cannot staff CARE classrooms and the plan was never to have them staff those classrooms.  The staffing plan for CARE classrooms was confusing and muddled from the start and I do not have any updates right now on when or if we will be able to staff a CARE classroom – this is why I am exploring in-person possibilities with JanneyPlus.  I am unclear if DCPS will meaningfully engage with families, school leaders, and teachers before announcing a new reopening plan; in the short term I do think it is important to explore other avenues to return students to the building.

This is an incredibly challenging time and unfortunately, I don’t think it is going to get easier in the coming weeks.  I know that our teachers and staff care for your children and our community – I have never doubted their commitment to Janney. They have worked incredibly hard during this virtual period and will continue to do so moving forward.  Also know that I am committed to figuring out how to return children safely to the building.  I have spoken to staff and to parent leaders on LSAT about organizing community conversations focused on virtual learning and a return to in-person learning.  This has been an isolating and lonely time and the failed reopening plans have succeeded in further isolating and dividing portions of our community.  It is time to come together and discuss possibilities and a way forward.

Thank you again for carefully reading the updates below and for your continued support.

Building Readiness Resources
Thank you to the teachers and parent LSAT members who joined us for two building readiness walks last week.  We have compiled a list of resources and videos that are available to view on our SharePoint site.  It is important to note that the Checklist that is linked on the site guided our walk; this Checklist has been agreed-upon by the WTU and DCPS.  We will continue to update the SharePoint site as more information becomes available.

Schedule changes in the second advisory
We will be slowly rolling out live Specials (art, music, PE, Spanish, library) during the month of November.  Each grade level will have the opportunity to participate in two live Specials classes per week and will still have access to all of the asynchronous Specials content that is updated weekly.  Your child’s teacher should be communicating a final live Specials schedule in the coming days.  Additionally, we are exploring more live instructional time in the afternoons for our K-2 classes and will provide an updated schedule soon.

Upcoming Community Events
Our staff has been fortunate to learn with Jessy Molina over the past year as she has facilitated professional development focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity.  We will host parent-facing sessions in the coming weeks that were originally scheduled for last spring.  More information will be sent out via a separate email later this week, but the sessions are scheduled for 6-7:30pm on W, Nov 18 & Th, Nov 19 and Dec 2 & Dec 3.

Our student support services team will host parent-facing support sessions during the second week of December as a means of bring parents and caregivers together during this virtual learning period.  We hope to host these sessions on a recurring basis and more information is forthcoming as well.  The sessions will be hosted in grade level bands from 5-6pm during the week of December 7.

Report Cards
K-5 Families will be able to access student report cards beginning next week via the ASPEN Parent Portal.  A hard copy of the report card will also be mailed out next week.  You will receive two emails today from DCPS: the first will explain the Parent Portal and what to expect when accessing your child’s report card; the second will have instructions including a temporary password that can be used to access the Portal.  Please note that the emails will be sent to the primary contact listed on a child’s registration form.  Many of you have listed an email address that you do not normally use – I would strongly encourage you to check ALL of your email addresses before reaching out to the front office.  Be sure to check the spam folder as well.  Please contact Ms. Franklin or Ms. CC to answer any access questions.

LSAT Elections
Thank you to the nine parents who have graciously volunteered to serve a 2-year term on LSAT.  This year we have four positions open.  Please read the bios below, listed in alphabetical order.  The voting window will remain open through Wednesday, November 25.  You can vote here.


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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