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Dear Janney Families,

Please note that your K-5th grader’s second advisory report card is in tonight’s THT.  If you have questions about the report card, please see my October 23 Principal’s letter or reach out to your child’s teacher.

A reminder that we will host a Community Night on Wednesday, February 6 at 6pm.  The event will be facilitated by Operation Understanding DC and we look forward to our continued partnership with this organization.  OUDC has facilitated staff professional development this year as we continue our diversity and inclusion work.  The event will focus on diversity of thought and will provide participants the opportunity to interact in small and large groups.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the cafeteria.

In addition to a note from our student council, the student support services column this week is from Cydney Lewis and Lisa Oakley, our school counselors.

Please continue to scroll down for information on our upcoming March auction.  This week’s THT includes a flyer about Janney week at Galley Foods and a flyer about the upcoming season of Girls on the Run (GOTR) which begins on March 1st.

Have a great week!

From our Student Council
Hello Janney Parents and Families,

The Janney Student Council is holding a fundraiser supporting the victims of the California wildfires. Tens of thousands of people lost their homes last fall. The American Red Cross is providing them with shelter and supplies, but they still need more help. Your child will receive an envelope and a flier explaining the fundraiser. Please donate money (*checks made out to the American Red Cross are preferred) and put it into the envelope. Your child should return it the next day (or by Feb. 8 if possible) to his/her homeroom teacher. The people you will help will really appreciate it!!!

Thank you from the Janney Student Council!

Student Support Services Column
Size of the problem- is this a big deal?

Beginning in first grade, Janney students learn to identify the size of problems and how to handle them.

What is a big problem? A big problem affects a lot of people and takes a long time to fix. It’s a big deal if it’s something we might hear about in the news, such as an emergency or a catastrophe. If we’re faced with a big problem, we know that the adults in our lives will take charge and work to find solutions to help us be safe.

A small problem affects a few people and is quick to fix. These are generally the types of problems students encounter at school, such as a disagreement over supplies, or deciding what to play at recess. The students learn a set of strategies to try when faced with a small problem, including using an “I” message, compromising, using rock, paper, scissors to decide, giving a two-part apology, or waiting and cooling off.  They’re encouraged to try two strategies on their own before asking an adult for help.

In addition to learning to identify the size of the problem and strategies to try when a small problem occurs, students learn that the size of their reaction to the situation should match the size of the problem. For example, if someone takes our glue stick without asking we don’t put on our “9-1-1 face” and shout for help from the teacher. Rather, we can give a simple “I” message, such as “I don’t like it when you take my glue stick. It makes me feel frustrated. Can you please give it back?”

We know that solving small problems on their own won’t come easily for students, or even always be effective, but we do want them to try.

Learning to recognize the size of the problem can lead to greater success with self-regulation and can make the community a more harmonious place for all.

Cydney Lewis
Lisa Oakley
School Counselors

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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