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Dear Janney Families,

We look forward to a great 5K race this weekend!  If you haven’t already registered to race or signed up to volunteer, there is still time!

Tonight’s newsletter contains reminders about the DCPS attendance policy and the weekly student support services column from Cathy Eliot, our Occupational Therapist.

This week’s eTHT contains the flyer for Janney Night at Satay Club this Wednesday, November 14th.

Finally, please take a moment to complete the FARM, Free and Reduced Meal, application at dcps.heartlandapps.com.  This is a requirement for all DCPS students and families to complete annually.  Contact the front office with any questions.

There will be no newsletter next week.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

Attendance Policy
DCPS has recently released revised policies on promotion and attendance.  We see an increased amount of absences during the months of November and December and I wanted to share some of the most common reasons for excused absences.  A gentle reminder that if your child will be absent for an excused or unexcused reason, please note that you must email your child’s homeroom teacher and cc attendance@janneyschool.org.  If you do not contact your child’s teacher, you will receive a robo call from DCPS informing you of your child’s absence from school AND you will receive a phone call or email from your child’s teacher.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns and thank you for your efforts to ensure that your child is on time and ready to learn each day.

The following absences may be classified as an excused absence:
•Illness of the student (a doctor’s note is required for a student absent five or more days in a term)
•Medical or dental appointments for the student;
•Death in the student’s immediate family;
•Observance of a religious holiday;
•School visits for students in K through 8th grades (one day);
•Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day;
•Religious event or celebration outside of a religious holiday (up to five cumulative days);
•An emergency or other circumstance approved by DCPS

Student Support Services Column
Last week my husband and I were having an unusual argument. We were arguing about fine motor skills. He builds robots that take apart bombs and was programming a robot to have a functional grasp. We were arguing about what is the most important, functional grasp.  Think about how many ways you hold, carry and manipulate objects. As adults, we only think about our fine motor skills when we are injured but our kids must take time to think about and organize these foundational skills. Fine motor skills, a term to describe several different elements. These elements include bimanual integration, manual dexterity and grip strength.  Bimanual integration is how a person uses their two hands to complete a task, like moving the paper while your cutting. Manual dexterity is how well you can use your hands to move or manipulate objects. For example, can you move a coin from the palm of your hand to your fingertips? Finally grip strength is important as you might have to coordination to hold a tool but not the strength to use it. So how do our kids develop fine motor skills? The same way they learn good techniques for kicking a soccer ball, instruction and practice. Some kids will watch and follow adults and need no further instruction, but some kids benefit from some hands-on time and explanations. This week, take a look at how your kids are holding their utensils or a pen. Notice how many grips and grasps you use in an hour to do your job or tasks around the house. In the next few weeks, I will be writing about how to encourage good fine motor skills. The robot ended up being programmed with a lateral pincher grasp which is how you hold a key. However, the battle is not over yet and I am going to push for at least three more options!

Cathy Eliot, Occupational Therapist

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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