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Dear Janney Families,

I hope you all enjoy a relaxing Spring Break!  Report cards will be sent home with your child on Friday, April 12.  We look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Monday, April 22.

Tonight’s newsletter contains a call for parent volunteers to serve on the LSAT or the PTA Executive Board.  The weekly student support services column is written by Cathy Eliot, our Occupational Therapist.

Call for Volunteers: LSAT and PTA Executive Board

The LSAT (Local School Advisory Team) advises the Principal on issues related to the Local School Plan: what is needed at the school, where we want to be as a school, whether we are there, and if not, how we should get there.  The LSAT meets monthly, with an extra meeting in early Spring during the DCPS budgeting process.

The Janney LSAT is composed of the Principal, six teachers, six parents, and, at times, a community representative. The LSAT supports the Principal’s implementation of the DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework by advising the Principal on matters related to teaching and learning, leadership, job embedded professional development, resources, safe and effective learning environments, and family and community engagement.

This year, we will select one parent and elected members serve a 2-year term.  Please email lsat@janneyschool.org with a short bio and rationale on why you want to serve on LSAT by COB Friday, May 3rd. Bios will appear in the May 7th newsletter.

The PTA is currently recruiting executive board members for next school year – one co-treasurer, one co-secretary, and a team of two co-vice presidents.  Want to learn more? Email pta@janneyschool.org or click here to read the PTA bylaws with position descriptions.

Student Support Services Column

April is Occupational Therapy month! In the next few newsletter articles I am excited to share some tips and ideas from different domains of occupational therapy including posture, creating good habits and routines and how to promote good play skills. This week I am going to focus on posture. I am fortunate to be able to see students in many different contexts and activities during the school day. One thing that really concerns me is the variety of sitting postures I see and how it effects performance. I teach my own kids two rules to help them navigate sitting for long periods of time.

The first rule is 20/20/20. Every 20 minutes or reading, writing or looking at a screen, look up for 20 seconds and look at least 20 feet away. This helps reduce visual strain and relieves the neck and shoulder muscles. It can also provide a useful moment of reflection to check for understanding or that what you are writing makes sense.

The second rule is 90/90/90. When sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Your hips are also at a 90-degree angle to the floor and your elbows a 90 angle to your work surface. This is remarkably difficult to achieve and not realistic to maintain for long periods of time. However, I would suggest having a space at home designated for homework where you can set up a firm chair and work surface to attempt 90/90/90. In the old days we would use phone books to adjust either the height of the chair to the work surface or under a person’s feet.  Those are hard to come by now, towels can be used to increase the height of a chair and amazon boxes can go under kid’s feet. Certain activities benefit more from having good posture than others. Typing and writing are two skills where good posture can support better visual motor integration and fine motor skills.

The other factor to consider is encourage your students to change their posture frequently. At school, students are encouraged to take movement breaks. The same premise is true for screen time. As the meanest mom ever, my kids can sit for 30 minutes, after that they can stand to play Fortnite!

Cathy Eliot, OT


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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