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Dear Janney Families,

We recently learned that yahoo.com email addresses are blocked from communicating with dc.gov email addresses due to the high volume of spam that these addresses generate.  If you use a yahoo.com email address as your primary means to communicate with Janney staff, please let your child’s classroom teacher know ASAP.  Your email address will be placed on an “unblock list” that will be shared with our IT department.  Thank you for your patience as we worked to figure this out.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual Fall Picnic this Friday, October 12th!

Included in this week’s newsletter: our student support services column from our school counselors, Lisa Oakley and Cydney Lewis.

Please continue to read this newsletter to see how successful our cross country teams have been this season!

Student Support Services Column
We are continuing to recognize National Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month at school with our classroom guidance lessons.

In 3rd – 5th grades, in addition to working with students to understand and define bullying – as we talked about in this column last week – we are also talking about specific steps students can take if they feel bullied or are aware of someone else getting bullied.  The steps the students are leaning include:
Tell an adult  – This could be a parent, family member, teacher or counselor.  Some students might feel hesitant to tell an adult for fear of reprisal or because they think they are being a tattletale.  But children need to know that reporting an incident is not “tattling” because the goal is not to get someone in trouble but to protect their own emotional and physical safety and the safety of others.
Ignore the bully – This can be an effective strategy because it takes away the bully’s power to hurt someone.  In our class conversations we talked about bullying as actions that are intended to cause emotional or physical harm; therefore ignoring the behaviors can help thwart this intended goal.  However, even if the behaviors are ignored, it is still important to report it to an adult.
Stand Up – Standing up means telling the bully to stop and making it clear that the actions are hurtful and unwanted.  Students can stand up for themselves or for others if they feel safe and confident to do so.  Standing up does not mean fighting back with physical actions or retaliatory words, since this just serves to escalate the situation.
Support the victim – As a bystander, giving attention to and helping someone who has been bullied demonstrates kindness and takes the attention away from the bully.  The worst thing to do is to laugh, follow or in any way encourage the person who is engaged in the bullying behavior.

The lessons in 1st and 2nd grade Community Classes will focus on defining kindness with an emphasis on understanding that being a good friend and making an effort to be kind leaves little room for mean teasing or unkind words. Students will complete activities explicitly outlining times they showed kindness to others at school and/ or at home.

Lisa Oakley, school counselor
Cydney Lewis, school counselor

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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