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Dear Janney Families,

We begin our second week of school with our K-5th grade students and our first full week of school with our PK students!  Our PK students join us as we continue to learn new friends’ names, explore classroom spaces, and build our school community.  While building a respectful community of learners often includes challenging and fun activities and projects, this is also a time to review policies and procedures, so I am including our safety drills procedures in this newsletter, and am providing clarification on our morning arrival procedure if your student arrives at Janney before 8:00 am.

Also included in this week’s newsletter: more information about this week’s Back-to-School Nights; and, a reminder about upcoming events, including grade level coffees and the Fall Picnic. Finally, information on PARCC scores is included for the families of our 4th-5th grade students.

There is one electronic Take Home Tuesday (THT) announcement this week for the families of 3rd-5th grade girls.  Please see this link for more information on the Girls of the Run program.  LINK

Back-to-School Night
Back-to-School Night will be held this Wednesday, August 29 for PK-5th grade families from 6:00-8:00 pm.  We will host 3, 30-minute sessions so that parents of multiple of students have a chance to attend each child’s classroom session.  Please see the schedule listed below:

6:00-6:10: Arrival and transition to first classroom
6:15-6:45: Session 1
6:50-7:20: Session 2
7:25-7:55: Session 3

I will be providing a brief, 10-minute presentation on our enrollment and instructional program for this school year in the cafeteria, followed by a brief presentation from our PTA.  If you choose to attend the cafeteria session, you will also have the opportunity to visit with Specials teachers and Student Support Services team members for the remaining time in each session.

Please note that for each session, you may choose to visit your child’s classroom and hear from your child’s teacher OR you may visit the cafeteria to learn more about specials or student support services at Janney and hear from me.  If you do not make it to the cafeteria, the material presented will be included in next week’s newsletter.

Safety Drills
This Thursday, August 30, we will practice a shelter-in-place drill.  This drill is used in a variety of situations and we are required to practice this drill with students two times per year. It is important to note that all of the drills that we practice and the safety plan that is in place can also be applied to inclement or severe weather, as well as unsafe situations outside or inside our school building. I’d like to use this space to discuss the other safety drills that your child will participate in this year.

Every DCPS school is required to practice the following drills on a regular basis: fire, shelter-in-place, severe weather, and earthquake.  Our messaging to children on why we practice these drills varies by grade level and by drill.  When we practice our upcoming shelter-in-place drill for example, our PK and K teachers read The Mitten, a story about woodland animals that find a stray mitten and try to all fit into this warm and cozy space.  The PK and K teachers tell the students that the class will act out the story, and that they too are trying to fit together in a warm and cozy safe space just like the animals.  With our older students, we discuss the importance of having a safe space to stay when it is not safe outside.

While we have Janney-specific plans in place, all DCPS schools are guided by The School Emergency Response Plan Guide.  DCPS administrators are also required to complete the School Emergency Response Team (SERT) training.

All entrances and exits at Janney remain locked during the school day, and all visitors are asked to sign-in at the security desk when they arrive.  We keep one entrance open and closely monitored for JAC, JEP, and Language pick-up after 4:30 pm once the main office is closed.

If we do have to evacuate the building for any reason, staff and students will travel to St. Columba’s, and parents will be asked to sign-out and pick-up students there.  If this evacuation occurs, we will notify parents via an email and phone call blast.  If we need to follow an unplanned early release schedule, the cafeteria will serve as our staging area for parents to sign-out and pick-up students.  Again, parents and guardians will be notified by an email and phone call blast.

All teachers carry an emergency preparedness bag that also contains all emergency contact information for each child in the class.  We have a comprehensive safety plan that is regularly revised and updated.  We will continue to update and share information regarding our safety plan with the community.  Please take this opportunity to ensure that all of your contact information is accurate.

Morning Arrival
If your student arrives at Janney before 8:00 am because he or she participates in morning JAC or is a member or the Band or other group, your student must enter the building via the back cafeteria entrance off of the blacktop.  All students and family members can enter the main building entrance by buzzing in beginning at 8:00 am.  The front door will remain unlocked and open for morning arrival beginning at 8:20 am daily.

Upcoming events
For the month of September, we will hold grade level coffees so that families from each grade level get to know each other in a smaller, more informal setting.  The grade level coffees will take place in the cafeteria.

Grade level coffees:
PK/K: August 29 @ 8:45 am
1st/2nd: September 5 @ 8:45 am
3rd/4th/5th: September 12 @ 8:45 am

Many of you have noticed our new rain gardenin the garden area.  This space is almost complete and was constructed using a grant we received from RiverSmart Schools, a program of the District Department of Energy and Environment.  We will host a garden clean-up day on Saturday, September 8 from 9am-12pm and will host a ribbon cutting ceremony once our space is complete on Saturday, September 15.  More information will be shared in next week’s newsletter.

We are also excited for our upcoming Fall Picnic that will take place on Friday, September 14.  Please note this date change from our summer mailing.

PARCC Scores
If your child attended Janney last year as a 3rd-5th grader, you will receive your child’s individual PARCC score report in the mail soon.  If you do not receive the report by Friday, September 7, please contact the main office.  As a school, 79% of our students scored proficient or advanced on the English Language Arts (ELA) assessment, and 81% of our students scored proficient or advanced on the Math assessment.

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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