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Dear Janney Families,

Our next Community Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7 @ 6 pm in the cafeteria. We look forward to sharing our Diversity and Inclusion work with you at the meeting. I have included more information below.

Advisory 2 report cards should be in THT for our K-5th grade students. Please see the previous newsletter that I wrote last school year to read about the structure of our report card.

In addition to information about our upcoming Community Night, this week’s newsletter includes a column from Cathy Eliot, our OT, an announcement from our Student Council, and an announcement from Nurse Peaks. This week’s THT includes flyers for this Friday’s Bingo Night (2/2), and next week’s Used Book Sale (2/10).

Community Meeting, February 7 @ 6 pm
Our upcoming Community Meeting will provide our community the opportunity to learn more about the Diversity and Inclusion work that we are engaging in this school year. You will have the opportunity to hear from administrators and teachers regarding our efforts to work towards creating identify safe classroom communities, and towards ensuring that our classroom books reflect and respect the diverse world in which we live. We will also discuss the Professional Development that our staff has engaged in this year, aligned to the CASEL framework.

The evening will begin with a discussion of our current PTA budget. We look forward to seeing you at 6 pm on Wednesday, February 7 in the cafeteria.

Student Support Services Corner
The Mysterious Act of Paying Attention
Last week’s article introduced the concept that the act of paying attention is a complicated and layered phenomenon. Attention involves a sensory and a physiological component, personal preferences and societal expectations. This week, let’s look at the physiological component. Let’s begin with the myth of multi-tasking.
The brain is a wonderfully dynamic and responsive organ, except when it’s not. A neurologist once described attention like people standing in line at the bank. The brain can deal effectively with one customer or demand at a time. Of course, a person can talk on the phone, drive a car and monitor the kid’s conversation at the same time, but the performance of each of those tasks is diminished.
Inherent to the myth of multi-tasking is the skill of shifting and maintaining attention. Most people can control where to direct their attention and how long to attend.
Individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are challenged to shift their attention and maintain their attention. ADHD is a chronic brain based disorder that effects many aspects of an individual’s lives including skill development in the following areas: fine motor, gross motor, academic, emotional and social development. While there are competing theories about what causes ADHD, studies have documented structural differences in the pre-frontal cortex and changes in neurotransmitter functioning for individuals with ADHD. Individuals with ADHD can present in many ways. Some people are in-attentive and may appear in their own world. Other people may appear high energy and distracted. What can be problematic about diagnosing ADHD is that is that most people have periods of waning attention or being highly distractible. However, with individuals with ADHD, that is their mode of operation.
There is much controversy about how best to deal with ADHD. In general, a multi-pronged approach is most successful. Elements to consider include diet, sleep patterns, exercise, meditation, clear structures and routines, counseling and when indicated, medication. As with any challenge, it is important to remember there are strengths that are evident as well. Frequently individuals with ADHD are creative, curious and innovative. I recently praised a student for ‘thinking outside the box’, his response was classic, ‘What box?’

Catherine Eliot OTR/L, MA, CMA
Occupational Therapist
Janney Elementary and Wilson High School

A Message from the Student Council
This Friday, February 2, will be the first Spirit Day sponsored by the student council. It is Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day! Kids should bring a stuffed friend from home to help celebrate the end of January.

A Note from Nurse Peaks
It is the flu season and we have received several reported cases of the flu at Janney ES. Teachers and staff are encouraging students to practice regular hand washing and are mindful of cleaning surfaces and shared materials on a regular basis. Please click here to read a letter from the Health Department and to view the Flu Fact sheet.

  • To prevent the spread of the disease, people are encouraged to practice the following:
    Proper hand hygiene
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, scrubbing the hands for at least 20 seconds (teach children to sing the Happy Birthday song twice to equal the right amount of time.)
    Use hand sanitizers only as temporary solution, if water and soap are not available (It should not replace handwashing with soap and water.


  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue
o If you do not have a disposable tissue, you can cough or sneeze into the elbow of your and sneezes covering techniques sleeves, not into your hands.
  • After coughing or sneezing, always wash your hands with soap and water.

Inclement Weather (Reminder)
Please note that if school is delayed, JAC morning care will be canceled. While our front office and custodial staff are required to report on time during a 2-hour delay, teachers do not report until 10 am; therefore, there is limited staff to watch students arriving prior to 10:30 am. Please also be mindful that students may play on the playground prior to 10:30 am if they are accompanied by an adult.

If DCPS cancels after school and evening activities and events due to evening inclement weather, please note that after school JAC will also be canceled.

Indoor Jamboree (Reminder)
The winter months always prove challenging for us to hold a regular outdoor Jamboree. Annual questions circulate around what the exact temperature should be to cancel Jamboree, and around how we should communicate this timely information with parents. Snow, freezing rain, and other inclement weather factors all impact the regularity with which we can hold outdoor Jamboree. Last year, we hosted indoor Jamboree during our winter months, and we will continue that practice this year. Beginning Wednesday, January 3 through Friday, February 23, we will host Jamboree in the gym. Please see the schedule below for more information.

This decision also allows us a unique opportunity to build our community by meeting in smaller, more supportive groups, and adds a structure to our week that has previously been missing. I have mentioned that we follow the guiding principles of the Responsive Classroom approach previously in this newsletter. Classes will still share at these meetings, but they will also help lead our community in the various parts of a Morning Meeting: the greeting, the activity, the share, and news & announcements.

All parents are invited on the days that their students are participating (see schedule below). Please note we will meet in the gym at 8:35, and that we hope to finish by 8:50 each morning.

Tuesdays: PK and K
Wednesdays: 1st and 2nd grades
Thursdays: 3rd and 4th grades
Friday: 5th grade

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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