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Dear Janney Families,

Today’s cover photo is a thank you letter from Cheryl Morning’s family for all of the support and love that our community has shown the Morning family. Cheryl remains in ICU and faces a lengthy recovery. I will continue to provide updates to our community and thank you for continuing to keep her family in your thoughts and hearts.

Our next Community Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7 @ 6 pm. We look forward to sharing our Diversity and Inclusion work with you at the meeting. I will include more details in next week’s newsletter.

This week’s newsletter is relatively short and includes a column from Cathy Eliot, our OT. This week’s THT includes flyers for our upcoming Spelling Bee (1/25), Bingo Night (2/2), Used Book Sale (2/10), and Black History Month Read-In (2/12-15).

Student Support Services Corner
Attention, Attention!
I thought that this week I would write about attention. There is a lot of information and misinformation about attention in the media. When an adult says to a child ‘pay attention’, what does that really mean? A typical response has 3 steps. First to orient to the person or event. This facilitates both looking and listening, to receive the information. A second step is to process the information and the third step is to form an expected response. This process is very complex and has many layers.
One layer is sensory integration. If a child has challenges with integrating sensory information, then they might “edit” a sense. For example, the child might not face the person or event but instead the child might be paying attention and processing through audition. This can be problematic as our societal norms create an expectation of eye contact and facing a person or event. The assumption is that the child is not paying attention or being defiant. A helpful practice is to take a minute to check for understanding and to explain what the expectations are. For example, I will say to some kids, “I know it is hard to look me in the eye when I am talking to you, but I would like you to practice looking every once in a while, and saying back to me what you heard”
Sometimes a child may use one sensory system to help them regulate their attention. For example, many kids will use movement, their proprioception and vestibular senses, to help them listen to a period of instruction. As adults, we see this in meetings and other events where a person is jiggling their foot, twiddling their thumbs or snapping their pen top. Frequently, students have not yet learned socially acceptable means of moving during instruction. Thumb twiddling is a great skill to teach kids, good for sitting at dinner and waiting for turns.
Take a moment this week to notice how you regulate your attention. Do you prefer looking or listening more? As a parent, it can be challenging when our attention styles do not match with our kids. I prefer listening. The joke at my house is that if I had a dollar for every time my kids said. ‘Mom, look’ we would never need the lottery. Next week, I will write more about attention and attention deficits.

Catherine Eliot OTR/L, MA, CMA
Occupational Therapist
Janney Elementary and Wilson High School

Inclement Weather (Reminder)
Please note that if school is delayed, JAC morning care will be canceled. While our front office and custodial staff are required to report on time during a 2-hour delay, teachers do not report until 10 am; therefore, there is limited staff to watch students arriving prior to 10:30 am. Please also be mindful that students may play on the playground prior to 10:30 am if they are accompanied by an adult.

If DCPS cancels after school and evening activities and events due to evening inclement weather, please note that after school JAC will also be canceled.

Indoor Jamboree (Reminder)
The winter months always prove challenging for us to hold a regular outdoor Jamboree. Annual questions circulate around what the exact temperature should be to cancel Jamboree, and around how we should communicate this timely information with parents. Snow, freezing rain, and other inclement weather factors all impact the regularity with which we can hold outdoor Jamboree. Last year, we hosted indoor Jamboree during our winter months, and we will continue that practice this year. Beginning Wednesday, January 3 through Friday, February 23, we will host Jamboree in the gym. Please see the schedule below for more information.

This decision also allows us a unique opportunity to build our community by meeting in smaller, more supportive groups, and adds a structure to our week that has previously been missing. I have mentioned that we follow the guiding principles of the Responsive Classroom approach previously in this newsletter. Classes will still share at these meetings, but they will also help lead our community in the various parts of a Morning Meeting: the greeting, the activity, the share, and news & announcements.

All parents are invited on the days that their students are participating (see schedule below). Please note we will meet in the gym at 8:35, and that we hope to finish by 8:50 each morning.

Tuesdays: PK and K
Wednesdays: 1st and 2nd grades
Thursdays: 3rd and 4th grades
Friday: 5th grade

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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