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Dear Janney Community,

Thank you to those families who attended our Back to School Night Live events last week.  A reminder that recordings of the opening remarks and individual grade level sessions are available to watch on our Janney SharePoint site.  We will also upload the last two Wellness Wednesday videos to the SharePoint site soon.

As we begin our fourth week of school, there are a few important events that we want to flag for your attention.  On Thursday, October 1, AP Barnhart and I will host a virtual meeting focused on assessments and feedback at 9:15am.  The session will be recorded and shared via our SharePoint site.  On Friday, October 9, we will host Parent Teacher Conferences as we mark the mid-point of the first advisory.  The conferences will be virtual, and more information is forthcoming.

My letter tonight includes: information about upcoming assignment submission on Canvas for our K-5 students and more information on our upcoming virtual assessments and feedback meeting; information on daily student attendance; and, brief closing thoughts.

Two final announcements:
*Ms. Solomon and Ms. Lewis will host Wellness Wednesday tomorrow from 10:30-11:00am.  The link to join will be live on Canvas tomorrow at 9:15am.
*If you have a second grade student and would like to submit a video, a drawing, or a picture to be shared at Jamboree, please use the prompt, “Fall is…,” and submit your work to jamboree@janneyschool.org.

Assignment Submission on Canvas
Our third through fifth grade students have already been asked to upload work or submit assignments through both the Teams and Canvas platforms.  We were using Teams until we gained familiarity with Canvas; moving forward, we will be using Canvas as the primary platform to upload student work for our kindergarten through fifth graders.  If you have a student in kindergarten through second grade, your child’s teacher will ask you to submit a work sample this week or next week.  It is a relatively straightforward process and while our kindergarten and first grade students will need support, most of our second through fifth grade students should be able to do this with minimal adult help.  More information will be shared at our virtual session, but your child should begin to expect weekly feedback from teachers once we begin to ask children to regularly submit work samples.

Finally, we are viewing the 9:15am meeting on Thursday, October 1 as similar to a “Principal’s Coffee” event and we intend to host these meetings on a regular basis.  The session should run between 15-30 minutes as we share information and leave time for questions.  We know there is a not a good time of day that works well for everyone’s schedules, but we will share both the slide deck and the recording following the event.  And note that we are open to hosting future events on a different day and time moving forward.

Daily Student Attendance
A gentle reminder that all students must log in daily to Canvas in order to be marked “present” for the day.  If you have Canvas open on your computer and do not power your device off each evening, please know that you must refresh your browser in order for your child’s attendance to be marked as “present.”  This week, our teachers will begin to track attendance at all live lessons.  If your child will miss a live lesson due to an appointment or other event, please email your child’s teacher.  If your child will miss an entire day of live instruction, please reach out to your child’s teacher and the main office (attendance@janneyschool.org) so that we can mark the absence as excused.

Closing Thoughts
Thank you to everyone in our community who has continued to show us grace and patience during this time.  This has been a steep learning curve and our teachers have shown incredible flexibility and patience at all that has been thrown at them.  I have visited a variety of morning meetings and live lessons over the past few weeks and I am continually impressed with the resilience and resourcefulness that your children demonstrate as well.  We will continue to grow our programming and our virtual classrooms over the coming weeks, and we look forward to the time when we are physically back together again at Janney.


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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