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Dear Janney Families,

We look forward to meeting with you this Friday, January 17th for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  As shared in a previous newsletter, our conference dates for this school year are scheduled for the Fridays of holiday weekends.  I know that many families like to take advantage of no school days to travel, but please be mindful that teachers cannot easily accommodate each request for a make-up conference if you will be unable to attend Friday’s meetings.  Thank you for your understanding.   A reminder that the sign-up for Specials teacher conferences can be accessed here.

This week’s newsletter contains information on our upcoming Community Night in February which will focus on security at Janney; information from our Student Council; and our first “Ask the Worry Doctor” column from Sara Solomon, school Social Worker, who will be writing the Student Support Services columns for the month of January.

The remainder of the newsletter includes an update from the PTA co-presidents with information about the SSF, auction and upcoming events.  Other articles include: the Janney girls’ and boys’ basketball games schedule; Used Book Sale; Janney Musical tickets; the Janney list serv; and the Janney Auction.

Finally, join us for Janney Night at Pizzeria Paradiso on January 15th from 5-9pm – that’s tonight!

Community Night: February 5th @ 6pm
Our February Community Night will focus on the broader theme of security and how we work together to ensure that all adults and children feel safe at Janney while also ensuring that everyone feels welcome.  We will begin the evening with a presentation from Denise Lisi DeRosa on Parenting Advice in the Digital Age.  Please see the blurb below for more information.  The second portion of the evening will be facilitated by Janney administrators and will dive deeper into how we work to create a safe physical space for all adults and children while also ensuring that everyone feels welcome.  We will discuss arrival/dismissal procedures, monthly safety drills, opportunities for adult training, communication with families, and instances of racial profiling that have occurred at Janney.  I will share all presented materials with families following the event, but we strongly encourage adults to attend this evening.  JAC will provide childcare and a sign-up will be sent out next week with the community newsletter.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Practical Advice for Parenting in the Digital Age
Date and Time:  February 5th at 6:00pm 
Guide your kids to develop safe, savvy and ethical digital skills.
This workshop begins with understanding what your kids are doing online so you are empowered to set reasonable limits and expectations for tech use in your home. Parents will get step-by-step instruction on privacy and safety settings across popular mobile devices, apps, browsers, games and search engines. You will learn strategies for encouraging healthy tech habits and raising kids who are able to use technology and social media safely, responsibly and productively. In this workshop emphasis will be on modeling good digital habits, mentoring your family to make good choices, listening to your kids and how my practical solutions will help you lose the guilt over not being perfect.

Denise Lisi DeRosa is an expert in online safety, digital citizenship and a frequent speaker on parenting in the digital age. Denise founded Cyber Sensible in 2015 to provide Online Safety Workshops to families, parents, youth and schools. She is an experienced media professional with a Master’s Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University. Denise brings her background in traditional, new and social media, her education, and her personal experience raising tech savvy kids to her work as she encourages parents, teens, educators, athletes and young professionals to manage their online lives toward success and well-being. Follow Cyber Sensible on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for our latest advice and tech trends.

Student Council News
The Student Council is raising money for an organization called Just Tryan It which supports families with children who have cancer.   Your child will be bringing home an envelope with a flier about the fundraiser.  If you’d like to donate, please put the donation (cash or check made out to Just Tryan It) in the envelope and send it back with your child to his/her homeroom teacher.

Thanks for supporting the Student Council!

Student Support Services Column
Hello Janney Jaguars! Happy New Year!

As promised, this month I’m writing advice-column style!

(Paraphrased to hide identifying information) For several reasons, my child stands out from other children, including use of something wearable and visible, along the lines of glasses, hearing aid, cast, brace, prosthetic, boot, etc. From an early age my child has always been keenly aware of and sensitive to being ‘different’ from peers in several ways. We have consistently encouraged our child to celebrate their uniqueness and consider that peers and friends might have ’different’ characteristics that we may not be able to see. We have also tried to help them see the benefit of wearing it, and we encourage them to be honest and educate peers about it, to the degree that they are comfortable. What else do you recommend we do to help build her confidence?

Thanks for writing in, great question! In your question, you touched on two really important parts of helping kids navigate these situations that you’re already doing: celebrating their uniqueness and educating peers. A great way to take this to the next level is to help your child make it familiar and cool to friends. Encouraging your child to not just let friends ask questions, but also touch it or even try it on, will help demystify and take away the power of unfamiliarity. Let your child use it as a means of self-expression by decorating it, or having friends sign it. A quick search on pinterest for the device you described, Letter Writer, returned list after list of examples of beautifully and uniquely decorated similar devices. Help your child take pride in this difference by making it her own, and inviting friends to do the same.

Another way to encourage familiarity among peers is to use the opportunities that come up in school to celebrate your child for this purpose. The story you read to the class before birthday cupcakes can include a character that uses a similar device, and the second grade VIP days are a perfect opportunity for an expressive crafting project around decorating the things we use to help us.

Whatever you choose to do, the key will be in demystification and familiarization, and helping it become something your child can be proud of.

If you’d like to submit a question, here’s the link: Ask the Worry Doctor
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sara Solomon, LICSW
Janney Elementary
School Social Worker

Reminder: Indoor Jamboree: January and February
We will move Jamboree indoors beginning in January.  Each grade level will be assigned a day to host a grade-wide Morning Meeting in the gym beginning at 8:35am.  Please note that drop-off procedures will not change for students in grades PK-K.  If you have a student in grades 1-5, please drop-off your child off directly at the gym on their assigned grade-level day.  If it is not your child’s assigned grade-level day, students may transition to their classrooms beginning at 8:35am.  The turf field doors will be open for arrival between 8:30-8:45am.  Students may also continue to use the Albemarle doors for arrival.  We ask that parents in grades 1-5 drop their students off on the first floor and that they do not travel to the classroom with students.

Schedule for indoor Jamboree:
Mondays – all students report to homerooms
Tuesdays – PK and K
Wednesdays – 1st and 2nd grades
Thursdays – 3rd and 4th grades
Fridays – 5th grade

Warm Regards,
Alysia Lutz, Principal

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