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Dear Janney Families,

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate our new Greenhouse last week!

Please read the important announcement below regarding our Halloween parade in the event of rain on Thursday.

This week, I am sharing information about the DCPS attendance policy.  Also included in the newsletter is the fifth and final part of Ms. Lewis’s problem-solving process. Finally, please remember that Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5 are Professional Development days for teachers.  School will resume for students on Wednesday, November 6.

The remainder of the newsletter includes a letter from the PTA presidents with many important updates, including a thank you to our Move Night Committee.  School photo retakes will be this F, 11/1.  Remaining content includes: information about Janney Healthy Food day this F, 11/1; information about WinterFest and the Winter Market Vendor registration; and, information about our upcoming 5K race.

And finally, please note that November is Farm to School Month!  Our PTA Healthy Foods Committee and our Science team have organized some fun tasting events on Friday, November 1st.. Volunteers are needed, so please sign-up to help out here.

Enjoy your week!

Halloween Parade: Rain Plan
We are closely watching Thursday’s forecast and making plans in the event of a rainy parade.  If it is raining, we will host three parades inside beginning at 1:30pm.  PK and K classes will meet in the gym for their parade.  1st and 2nd grade classes will stand outside of their classrooms on the second floor and parade up and down the second floor hallway.  3rd-5th grade classes will also stand outside of their classrooms on the third floor and parade up and down the third floor hallway.  Parents and family members are welcome to join and watch from the hallways near their children’s classrooms or from the gym.  Classroom parties and celebrations will begin at 2pm.  Please note that we will still host the parade outside if it is not raining, even if it is wet on the field.  We will make the final call around 1pm as we hope to have about forty-five minutes of clear weather.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DCPS and Janney Attendance Policy
During this time of the year, we typically see an increase in family requests to excuse upcoming student absences.  As families begin to plan holiday events and travel, it is important to keep the attendance policy in mind.  I am including the list of DCPS-approved excuses for absences below:

• Illness of the student (a doctor’s note is required for a student absent five or more days in a term)
• Medical or dental appointments for the student;
• Death in the student’s immediate family;
• Observance of a religious holiday;
• Absences to allow students to visit their parent who is in the military, immediately before, during, or after deployment;
• School visits for students in K through 8th grades (one day);
• Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day;
• Religious event or celebration outside of a religious holiday (up to five cumulative days);
• An emergency or other circumstance approved by DCPS.

Please note that travel for pleasure is not included on this list.  If your family is taking extra days around a school break for a specific reason (i.e. Grandmother’s 90 birthday) we will excuse these absences for a single year only and will not excuse annually.

When your child is absent, please notify your child’s teacher and cc: attendance@janneyschool.org.  If you are requesting approval for a specific reason not included on the approved excuses list, please include me on this email.

If your child does accumulate three unexcused absences, you will receive a DCPS-generated email, but no action is required by you or your family.  When a child accumulates five unexcused absences, Janney must communicate directly with the family regarding the absences.

Please visit the DCPS website for more information: DCPS Attendance and Truancy Policy

Student Support Services Column
Problem Solving pt. 5: “It’s a big deal to him!”

Although we’ve learned five conflict-resolution strategies, and we’ve practiced them a lot, they might not always work. Our communities are comprised of diverse thinkers and there are plenty of things that are outside of our control. What’s next when we’ve given “I” messages and tried to compromise but our friend or classmate isn’t responding positively (yes, it happens!). We teach the students to ask an adult for help after they’ve tried two strategies.

Student: Bill keeps stepping on my foot.
Teacher: What have you tried?
Student: I said, “I don’t like it when you step on my foot. Please stop” (‘I’ message) and then I moved away (wait and cool off) but he’s still doing it.
Teacher: <Steps in to address the situation and deliver logical consequences as necessary. >

Our world is complex and our skill-sets are works-in-progress. We don’t expect 7 or 8 year-olds to perfectly resolve all conflicts; we’re there for them when they need us.

Now, you might be thinking: “Right. I get it. Losing a turn in a game is not a big deal in the scheme of things, but it’s a big deal to my child.” We hear this a lot, and that’s why we teach size of the problem! We want to help our kids navigate the inevitable challenges of being part of a social world. Self-regulation is skill that takes life-long practice (just ask your spouse or partner!).

For more information, check out Social Thinking: https://www.socialthinking.com/Articles?name=learning-control-emotional-reactions-part-problem-solving

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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