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Dear Janney Families,

We are excited to celebrate our Greenhouse this Wednesday, 10/23 from 3:30-5:30pm!

On Friday, the Nationals will host the first World Series in Washington D.C. since 1933!   Students can support the Nats by wearing Nats gear or anything red to school.

This week, I am sharing further information about the volunteer clearance policy as introduced in last week’s newsletter.  This policy mandates that all field trip chaperones and recurring volunteers submit proof of a negative TB test and submit to a background check.  Please read on for details about the events that Janney will host to support this process.  Also included in the newsletter this week is information from Ms. Caroline Laub regarding after school building and field use; and, repeat information about our annual Halloween parade on October 31st.  This week Ms. Lewis discusses part four of her problem-solving process: wait, cool off, and apologize.

The remainder of the newsletter includes a letter from the PTA presidents with many important updates.  School photos are now available and access information is included.  Remaining content includes: information about Movie Night at Janney this Friday; information about WinterFest and the Winter Market Vendor registration; information about our Lost and Found; and, information about our upcoming 5K race.

Finally, join us for Janney Night at Millie’s on November 5th!

Enjoy your week!

DCPS Volunteer Clearance Process
This year, we are working hard to ensure that we are in compliance with the DCPS volunteer clearance policy.  All volunteers, including parents, must complete the DCPS Clearance Process if they wish to volunteer at Janney.  This applies to all field trip chaperones and “ongoing volunteers” (i.e. class parties, and THT folder stuffers).  Please note that it does not apply to one-time, supervised volunteering (i.e. Mystery Reader, or a volunteer for a special event).  We aim to have clearance letters for all volunteers by the start of the 2020 calendar year.


  • Complete online application; you may list “Principal Alysia Lutz” as the POC at Janney
  • Bring government-issued photo ID and proof of a negative TB test from the past two years to complete fingerprinting process at Janney or DCPS Central Office
  • Forward clearance letter to clearance@janneyschool.org. You should receive this letter via email within 3-10 days of completing the fingerprinting process

Janney is hosting Nurse Heidi Johnson for initial TB testing on Wednesday, November 6th from 7:30-9:30am and the reading of the TB test on Friday, November 8th from 7:30-9:30am.  We will be able to host roughly eighty participants and you must sign up for a time slot here:

Initial Testing on 11/6;

Reading of Test on 11/8

Please note you must sign up for both days.  The cost of this testing is $45 and can be paid via cash or check.

Janney is also hosting the DCPS Clearance Team on Tuesday, November 12-Thursday, November 14 to complete the fingerprinting process.  In order to be fingerprinted, you MUST: complete an online application; bring a government-issued photo ID; and, bring proof of a negative TB test administered within the past two years.  If you attend a fingerprinting session at Janney, you do not need to go to Central Office to complete this step of the process.

Sign-up to complete (free) fingerprinting with the DCPS Clearance Team at Janney:
Fingerprinting 11/12-11/14

If you cannot attend either event, at Janney please see your medical provider for TB testing and visit Central Office for fingerprinting.  More information can be found on the DCPS Volunteer website.

Message from Janney+ Regarding After School Building and Field Use
After school is a vibrant and busy time to be on campus at Janney. Janney Plus coordinates the enrichment, language, and JAC programs before and after school, but there are often numerous other activities (such as Janney band, Janney sports teams, Notebusters, and musical activities) that keep our hallways busy outside of school hours. We take the safety of our students seriously while they are with us, and are always seeking to improve procedures. As a reminder, the atrium doors are the main point of entry and exit during the afternoon hours. They are unlocked starting at 3:15pm each day. There are Janney Plus staff stationed by that entrance as well as the campus security guard (who is by this entrance unless she is patrolling the ground floor and outside areas). Families and students are permitted to enter the building after school to use the bathroom or get water, but we request that children are escorted by a parent or caregiver during this time. Students are also welcome to utilize the outside playground areas after school but children must be accompanied by an adult. Older students or students who are not with an adult, will be asked to leave the playground area space until 6pm. Janney Plus staff may also ask families to relocate from the Pre-K playground area around 4pm due to the small size of the playground and so that the counselors can safely monitor the smallest students during JAC hours. The mulch playground is open until 5pm each day, and the turf field and blue playground remain open. Thank you for your continued participation and support of these safety procedures.

(Repeat) Halloween Parade
The Halloween parade will begin at 1:30 pm on Thursday, 10/31.  Children are expected to bring their costumes to school and will be allowed to change 15 minutes prior to the parade.  A gentle reminder that students are not allowed to wear costumes that promote violence or bring materials that look like weapons.  Classroom parties will follow the parade.  As Thursday, 10/31 is a full school day, we intend to maintain a normal school day prior to 1:00 pm.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Parade route: All classes will report to their Halloween Jamboree spots by 1:30 pm.  PK and K teachers will communicate field spots to parents and family members via class newsletters.  Homerooms will be called over the microphone to walk 2×2 down the middle of the field or “runway” from the Jamboree stage side to the opposite gate. Classes will then proceed out the back gate, circle around the blacktop, through the concrete on the atrium side, and back to their Jamboree spot. Classes are encouraged to do a brisk walk without stopping for pictures, and parents will be encouraged to take candid pictures on the field, reserving more posed pictures for classroom parties. After the parade, classes will be dismissed to the building (oldest first) for classroom parties.

Please note that costumes should not include anything that can be considered or used as a weapon.  Any items that fit that description will be taken and returned after school hours.  If you have any questions about your child’s costume, please reach out directly to me.

Student Support Services Column
We’ve learned about using “I” messages, compromise, and rock, paper scissors to help us work through arguments. But what about times when we’ve accidentally done something upsetting to a classmate or sibling?

These types of conflicts, when they do not involve danger or injury, warrant an apology. For example, if I accidentally* knock your water bottle off your desk or bump into you, I will apologize. Apologies have two parts: Say and Do. First, you simply say you’re sorry. “I’m sorry I knocked over your water bottle. “Then, you offer to do something to repair your gaff. “I will get a towel to mop up the water.” It’s a logical concept, but children often toss out a casual “sorry” and leave it at that; no one really feels better when the apology seems like an afterthought.

What about those times when we’re faced with a small problem but none of the potential resolutions spark satisfaction? Maybe I don’t want to compromise, or you’ve apologized and helped me right the wrong, but I still feel upset. This is when I can employ “wait and cool off” to put a little space between me and the conflict.  Maybe you accidentally knocked my water bottle off my desk and water got on my super cool drawing of Dash from the Incredibles and it’s pretty much ruined. I know it’s not a big deal because it doesn’t affect a lot of people and I’m not going to hear about it in the news, but it’s still upsetting. I might need to move away from you or do some deep breathing and ‘wait and cool off’ before I can accept your apology. I will take a few moments to move my reaction to the problem closer to the size of the problem.

Of course, elementary school is a perfect reflection of an imperfect world and big reactions to small problems do happen. What if I’m trying everything I’ve learned, and I still am unable to resolve the conflict? We’ll explore that next week!

Alysia Lutz, Principal

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