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Dear Janney Community,

I look forward to seeing you at our annual transition meetings next Tuesday, May 28 in lieu of parent/teacher conferences.  The meetings will either be held in the art room on the first floor, or the music room on the third floor.  Please consult the May 7 or May 14 newsletters for the master schedule, or your teacher’s weekly newsletter for the meetings specific to your child’s grade level.  I will include a link in next week’s newsletter to all slide show presentations shared at the transition meetings.  Please note that the class placement survey will close on June 1 at 5pm, so please complete the optional survey by that date.

I look forward to seeing you all at International Night, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22 from 6:30-8:00pm.

Tonight’s newsletter contains information about our departing staff and our weekly student support services column.

Departing Staff
Each year we say goodbye to staff members who are ready for new opportunities and new challenges.  We have a tremendous staff at Janney and I am grateful for all of the hard work and dedication that each team member puts forth on a daily basis.  This time of year is often bittersweet as we announce staff departures and prepare to welcome new staff members to our community. I wish the following staff members well as they transition to new cities, new schools, and new opportunities next year:

PK Partner Teacher Jasmine Bigelow will leave PK at the end of this year to pursue a career in Computer Technology.  We have been lucky to have Jasmine on the team, and we will miss her positive energy and tremendous patience.  Best of luck on your next adventure, Jasmine!

School Counselor Lisa Oakley will devote more time to her family and to starting up an
equine-assisted psychotherapy practice next year.  Lisa was instrumental in creating our counseling program and we are grateful for her vision.  She has been a supportive resource for the students and adults in the building and her calm presence will be missed next year.  Best of luck, Lisa!

Occupational Therapist Cathy Eliot will also be spending more time with her family next year.  Cathy has been a tremendous resource for our staff and our families in all things sensory-related.  She is an amazing practitioner and the adults in our building have learned just as much as the students have from Cathy.  Best of luck, Cathy!

Second grade teacher, Brianna Kirsh, will welcome a baby in early June and will enjoy her time at home with her new addition next year.  Brianna began her career at Janney as a partner teacher and we have been lucky to have her expertise on the second grade team. Congratulations, Brianna!

ELA Instructional Coach, Abby Klein, will head to Harvard’s Graduate School of Education next year to pursue a master’s degree in Language and Literacy.  Abby taught first and third grades at Janney prior to becoming our Instructional Coach.  We wish Abby the best on her next adventure – and want to offer a friendly reminder to remember to pack your snow boots!

Third grade co-teacher, Natalie Santos, will be returning to her native New Jersey at the end of this school year to be closer to her family and to continue her teaching career.  Natalie began her career at Janney as a second grade partner teacher.  She is incredibly flexible and hard-working, and we will miss her positive energy next year.  Good luck, Natalie!

PK/K Science teacher and Gardener-Extraordinaire, Kate McLynn, will be retiring at the end of this school year.  Kate has brought unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to her role as a science team member and we are grateful that her passion has grown our science program into the best in the city.  Best of luck, Kate!

Student Support Services Column
Where would I be without a Post-it or calendar reminder on my phone?” Do you ever feel you are juggling more than your brain can hold on to? Do you feel lost without a Post-it or iCalendar reminder? Well, you are not alone. Children and adults have a lot of information to retain in the course of day and for some of us, retaining information-either short term or long term, can be very difficult! Which is why I am talking all about Strategies for Improving Memory!
Memory strategies are tools we use to help us remember things. Some memory strategies are helpful for how we learn information (short term recall), while others are helpful for how we recall information that we have already learned (long term recall). For children, using memory strategies can help with recalling such things including: directions, facts, and assignments. Improving memory can also help with improving organization (executive functioning). I thought this article had some great ideas on helping with Executive Functioning and organization. Additionally, I have a few strategies that might be helpful and easy to incorporate in you and your children’s daily routine.
Say It, Write It: The more you repeat information, the more likely it is that you will remember it.  Think drill and repeat. I always think about how my teacher used to require us to write our multiplication tables 10x times each as daily homework! Seemed like punishment at the time, but it certainly kept those facts in my head to this day!
Personalize It: Children are more likely to remember information if it relates to them. If they can relate it to something they already know and have experienced, they are more likely to remember it.
Tell a Story: Stories allow us to create a picture in our minds that is easy to remember later. Children can make up a story using the information that needs to be remembered.
Rhymes and Songs: I recently had a Kindergarten student recite the months of the year by singing them. That student said by singing the months, it was easier for him to remember them all! Rhythm, rhyme, and music can help us remember information.
Chunk It: Chunking is a way of learning information by breaking it up into related pieces. Telephone numbers are often learned through chunking, by grouping the numbers into sets of three and four.
These are just a few ways to improve memory, but don’t forget stress, sleep, and brain overload play a huge part in how we all are able to hold onto information. So, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, take movement breaks, and have some down-time before tackling a new task.

Warm regards,

Ms. Toni aka The Speech Lady
Toni Carroll-Wills, MS CCC-SLP


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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