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Dear Janney Community,

Tonight’s newsletter contains important information so please read carefully.  There is information about our upcoming transition meetings to be held on Parent-Teacher Conference Day in late May; you will also find a link to our optional class placement survey; our weekly student support service column is written this month by our Speech Language Pathologist, Ms. Toni Wills.

Tonight’s THT contains one announcement for Janney Night at Millie’s on Wednesday, May 15th.

Finally, please note that I will forward additional communication from DCPS regarding the final test results of our play surface once I receive it.


Transition Meetings and Class Placement Process
On Tuesday May 28th, we will host grade level transition meetings in lieu of Parent-Teacher Conferences.  The teachers will have limited spaces available for individual conferences, and we are asking that unless you have pressing concerns or have already spoken to your child’s teacher about an end of year meeting, that you instead attend a transition meeting.  We have found that the late spring conferences typically focus on discussing the next grade level, and all parents have their questions answered via these transition meetings.  Your child’s teacher will be communicating more specifics via weekly class newsletters, but here is the schedule for the day:

*Please note that we are offering both an AM and a PM session for each transition meeting.  The content will be the same at both the AM and the PM sessions.

AM Session
8:30-9:15 – PK to K meeting (Art room); 2nd to 3rd grade meeting (Music room)
9:15-10:00 – K to 1st grade meeting (Art room); 3rd to 4th grade meeting (Music room)
10:00-10:45 – 1st to 2nd grade meeting (Art room); 4th to 5th grade meeting (Music room)

PM Session
4:30-5:15 – PK to K meeting (Art room); 2nd to 3rd grade meeting (Music room)
5:15-6:00 – K to 1st grade meeting (Art room); 3rd to 4th grade meeting (Music room)
6:00-6:45 – 1st to 2nd grade meeting (Art room); 4th to 5th grade meeting (Music room)

Each year, grade level teams gather to create class lists for the upcoming school year.  Our teaching staff spends an extraordinary amount of time over a multi-week period on the class development process.  The teachers considered a variety of factors throughout the process, including a child’s social and emotional development, demographic factors, academic strengths and areas of growth, and effective learning partners.  We strive to create socially, demographically, and academically diverse classes at each grade level.  We also take parent feedback into consideration during this process.  Parents can provide feedback through a short, 6-question optional survey.


Student Support Services Corner 

Lights, Camera, Action! Let’s make a video to help increase speech and language skills!  Who doesn’t like to take a great selfie or record themselves on video and proceed to watch it repeatedly? Cameras are everywhere; from smartphones to tablets. Children can create videos to work on articulation, fluency, and language goals and here’s how…
Let’s write a play! I will often suggest to parents of children with speech articulation goals, to record their child and have them listen to it for immediate feedback. Having a child create a play, that includes dialogue which includes target sounds, will help reinforce good speech sound production.  Film the child practicing their lines and then have them critique their performance.  This can be rewarding for students to see and hear their own progress over time.
What’s the News! For students who may have difficulty with fluency (i.e. stuttering), try pretending to be a news correspondent. Pick a topic to inform the community (home or school) about and video tape it! Share it with family, friends, and classmates. This a great way to work on pacing, clarity of speech, and pragmatics (i.e., eye-contact, topic maintenance).  Students can even pick a person to interview, which is another great way to work on expressive language and conversational skills (i.e. turn-taking)
These are just a couple of great ways to help our children continue to develop and grow their speech and language skills. I am certain we have a few budding actors and anchors in our Janney midst! Stay tuned for next week’s column, where I will be providing strategies for improving memory-for both kids and adults! Until then…

Warm regards,

Ms. Toni aka The Speech Lady
Toni Carroll-Wills, MS CCC-SLP


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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