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Dear Janney Community,

I want to extend a huge thank you on behalf of our teachers and staff for the kindness and gratitude that families have shown this week in honor of Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.  We have the best teachers and staff in the city and I thank you for taking time to honor them.

Tonight’s newsletter contains a lot of important information so please read carefully.  There is information about our upcoming transition meetings to be held on Parent-Teacher Conference Day in late May; our weekly student support service column is written this month by our Speech Language Pathologist, Ms. Toni Wills.  We will elect one new LSAT member for the 2019-2020 school year, and the three bios for the candidates are shared below.  Voting will remain open until Tuesday, May 14th at 6pm.

Tonight’s THT contains one announcement for Janney Night at Millie’s on Wednesday, May 15th.  Have a great week and I look forward to seeing many of you at our Spring Picnic this Friday, May 10th.

Transition Meetings and Class Placement Process
On Tuesday May 28th, we will host grade level transition meetings in lieu of Parent-Teacher Conferences.  The teachers will have limitedspaces available for individual conferences, and we are asking that unless you have pressing concerns or have already spoken to your child’s teacher about an end of year meeting, that you instead attend a transition meeting.  We have found that the late spring conferences typically focus on discussing the next grade level, and all parents have their questions answered via these transition meetings.  Your child’s teacher will be communicating more specifics via weekly class newsletters, but here is the schedule for the day:

*Please note that we are offering both an AM and a PM session for each transition meeting.  The content will be the same at both the AM and the PM sessions.

AM Session
8:30-9:15 – PK to K meeting (Art room);
2nd to 3rd gr meeting (Music room)

9:15-10 – K to 1st gr meeting (Art room);
3rd to 4th gr meeting (Music room)

10-10:45 – 1st to 2nd gr meeting (Art room);
4th to 5th gr meeting (Music room)

PM Session
4:30-5:15 – PK to K meeting (Art room);
2nd to 3rd gr meeting (Music room)

5:15-6 – K to 1st gr meeting (Art room);
3rd to 4th gr meeting (Music room)

6-6:45 – 1st to 2nd gr meeting (Art room);
4th to 5th gr meeting (Music room)

Each year, grade level teams gather to create class lists for the upcoming school year.  Our teaching staff spends an extraordinary amount of time over a multi-week period on the class development process.  The teachers considered a variety of factors throughout the process, including a child’s social and emotional development, demographic factors, academic strengths and areas of growth, and effective learning partners.  We strive to create socially, demographically, and academically diverse classes at each grade level.  We also take parent feedback into consideration during this process.  Parents can provide feedback through a short, 6-question optional survey that will be sent out via teacher newsletters and the community newsletter next week.

LSAT Elections 2019-2020
The LSAT (Local School Advisory Team) advises the Principal on issues related to the Local School Plan: what is needed at the school, where we want to be as a school, whether we are there, and if not, how we should get there.  The LSAT meets monthly, with an extra meeting in early Spring during the DCPS budgeting process.
We will elect one parent member for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please read the bios below to learn more information about our three candidates.  Please click here to vote for one parent representative.  Voting will remain open until Tuesday, May 14th at 6pm.

Jen Windom
I have two daughters currently at Janney (Claire, first grade and Colleen, Kindergarten), and have lived in the neighborhood for over ten years. I am a partner in a DC-based litigation firm, where I serve as the co-hiring partner and work in the areas of commercial litigation and white collar defense. Recently, I have volunteered my time outside of the office to the Janney Staff Appreciation Committee, the Women’s White Collar Defense Association Development Committee, and as a children’s liturgy teacher at Annunciation Church. My family is fortunate to be a part of the Janney community. I would like to serve on the LSAT to ensure that the school continues to be a safe and effective environment for all students, teachers, and staff. Both of my girls have had amazing teachers during their time at Janney. As the school community continues to grow in size, there are important decisions being made, and I would like to contribute to those discussions and help ensure that our resources are being used most effectively and most equitably. I believe that my work ethic, attention to detail, and willingness to engage all sides in a debate would be an asset to the LSAT.

Addie Adelekan
Addie Adelekan is mom to two Janney first graders – Lola and Lare Adelekan. She has a passion for enabling children to live their best lives and has been actively engaged in the Janney community for a few years now. From a professional perspective, Addie has spent most of her career leading projects and programs in the technology and financial services industries including serving as Chief Operating Officer of AVF Consulting and Director of Technology at Jitasa Group. Most recently, she left her corporate career to dedicate more of her time to raising her children and developing programs and resources to help other children become their best selves. In this vein, in addition to teaching children the art of ideation, planning and execution, Addie has been studying and developing a tool to measure things like listening, empathy, and ethics in children ages 4 through 8. Addie is an avid volunteer serving in various capacities both locally and internationally. She received her undergraduate degree in Information Systems from Howard University here in Washington, DC, an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a PhD in Strategic Leadership from Regent University in Virginia. Addie believes that as parents and school leaders we have an important responsibility to intentionally and diligently set the children in our community up for the greatest possible success and she looks forward to not only doing this, but she also looks forward to better understanding and advocating the best interests of Janney parents as part of the LSAT. In her leisure, Addie rides horses, travels, and enjoys live jazz.

Lalla Marquez
My name is Lalla Marquez, and I would be honored to represent Janney parents on the LSAT committee for the next two years. My family moved to AU Park from Capitol Hill last summer, having picked our new neighborhood because of Janney. My husband and I feel so fortunate to have our daughter, Lucy, in Mrs. Leonhardt’s kindergarten class, and we also have a 2-year-old son, Mateo, who will attend Janney in a few years.
Having worked in school settings my entire career and in DCPS for 10 years, I appreciate the immense value of parental involvement and support, and I have seen first-hand how community engagement is vital to the success and effective operation of a school. The LSAT committee advises school leadership on a range of issues and decisions that can be difficult, especially when budget and staffing discussions come up in the spring. I believe my experience as a DCPS teacher at another elementary school in Northwest DC would add a helpful perspective and would bring value to the committee. I would be grateful for the chance to work hard for Janney and to give back to this special school in a very meaningful and important way.
I am a graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2003. After college I worked for 5 years at The Field School in Washington, D.C. in alumni relations/fundraising, and I also had the opportunity to coach the swim team. I completed my Master’s in Elementary Education at The George Washington University in 2009 and have been a 4th grade teacher at Stoddert Elementary School for the past ten years. I also had the pleasure of Principal Lutz serving as my assistant principal for one year! In addition to my teaching responsibilities at Stoddert, I am the lead teacher for Student Council and in charge of the school spelling bee. This year I am also on Stoddert’s hiring committee.

Student Support Services Corner 
Greetings Janney Community!

It’s May and that means it’s Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)!  The aim of BHSM is to raise awareness about hearing and speech problems, encouraging people to analyze their own hearing and speech, and to take action if they think there might be a problem. BHSM is the perfect time for me to raise awareness around Speech and Language and share some ways to help promote better hearing and speech within your own families!
Let’s talk about the importance of Movement! As you may already know, curriculum is moving in the direction of more computer-based learning and computer-based assessments (Hello PARCC!) and with the increase of curriculum demands, comes the need for more movement throughout the day! Developmentally, movement is critical for learning because it helps the brain build pathways to gain new information.  Movement, both small and large, throughout the day has been shown to increase focus, improve test scores, and promote appropriate behavior.  Something as simple as switching tables, or walking to a closet, can help reset a child’s energy level, which is an easy and sometimes necessary adjustment to incorporate in the daily routine or to have occur spontaneously in or out of the classroom.  As a school-based speech pathologist, I am often collaborating with the school-based occupational therapist, where we often combine movement and language to help facilitate learning growth. Here are a few movement game suggestions that we use here in school, but can easily be done at home:
Simon Says– A speech therapy favorite! This is a great activity, even when space is limited. Simon Says targets following directions and executive functioning skills, such as focus and impulse control.  Complex directions (“If you are wearing shorts, then clap your hands three times”) and large movements can easily be incorporated into the game. It can also be a great way to practice multi-step directions both in and out of school (“Simon says, Go upstairs, get your jacket, and put your lunchbox in your backpack”).
Hide and Seek– This game can be used to target letter recognition, sight words, phonemic awareness, auditory memory, and basic object permanence. Here’s how to do it: Place cards around the room slightly out of sight, such as under a table, over doors, behind chairs, etc. Give the student clues about what they need to find (“Find something that is black and white, and lives on a farm”) or have students find cards and practice target words on each card or with the object.
Obstacle Course– This is an activity the O.T. and I use fairly often, utilizing tunnels, hula hoops, scooter boards and bean bags. Obstacle courses can easily be made on the playground or around the house. They are great for physical activity and can be used to practice target words or concepts, but having to say a target word, before moving on to the next location of the course. Kids love a good obstacle course!!!
Hop Scotch– Classic playground activity…Create a hop scotch board with chalk or blue painter’s tape.  You can write numbers, letters, or words in each square and have the student work on sequencing, turn-taking, and agility.
These are just a few ways to incorporate movement into your child’s day and expand their learning capacity. Whatever you choose, just get Move Your Body and Improve Learning! And of course, Have Fun! Next week, we will talk about Using Videos to Develop Speech and Language Skills!

Warm regards,
Ms. Toni aka The Speech Lady
Toni Carroll-Wills, MS CCC-SLP


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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