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Dear Janney Community,

As I mentioned in last week’s email, this is a busy time of year and it’s important to read the weekly communication from your child’s teacher.  We have received a few recent reports that emails from dc.gov addresses are being sent to spam or trash folders.  Please continue to check these folders if you have been waiting for a response from your child’s teacher for a while.

I am sorry to announce that Ms. Sandra Salazar will be leaving us at the end of this week to return to her native Columbia.  Ms. Salazar has been with Janney for three school years and was instrumental in designing our PK-2nd grade Spanish program.  She works incredibly hard in service of our students and our staff will miss her greatly.  Her last day is this Friday, May 3.  Ms. Victoria Ordonez, a teacher with our morning JELP classes, will fill in for Ms. Salazar for the remainder of the year.  Please join me in wishing Ms. Salazar well and in welcoming Ms. Ordonez

Tonight’s newsletter contains the weekly student support services column from OT Cathy Eliot, and a last call for parent volunteers to serve on the LSAT or the PTA Executive Board.  I will include important end of year dates in next week’s newsletter.

Enjoy your week!


Student Support Services Column
This week I am going to talk about the process of creating habits and routines. Occupational therapists love to talk about habits and routines because both habits and routines can function as the building blocks of behavior. Habits are routine behaviors that through repetition can become unconscious. The repetition increases the strength of the neural network that supports the behavior.  As adults, our handwriting is unconscious, and by about 4th grade is it unconscious for many of our students as well. Paying attention to the physical act of how the letters are made and how they are shaped in the pre-kindergarten through 3rd grades years creates that most efficient neural networks. It takes as much work to break a habit that is not efficient than to create a new one.

Routines are different than habits. Routines are a series of behaviors that are functionally linked and can help to streamline a process or activity. High level Athletes use routines to ensure that they are in the best position to deliver optimal performance.  Thinking through a task or activity and creating a routine can improve the efficacy of everyday tasks. For example, at our house part of the evening routine is to prep the morning launch area. Each person packs their bag and places their socks, shoes and coat next to the bag. Summer is a great time to re-think routines and make new ones. New behaviors sometimes require a learning curve and the summer months can serve as the practice time to prepare for the hectic fall schedules.


Last Call for Volunteers: LSAT and PTA Executive Board

The LSAT (Local School Advisory Team) advises the Principal on issues related to the Local School Plan: what is needed at the school, where we want to be as a school, whether we are there, and if not, how we should get there.  The LSAT meets monthly, with an extra meeting in early Spring during the DCPS budgeting process.

The Janney LSAT is composed of the Principal, six teachers, six parents, and, at times, a community representative. The LSAT supports the Principal’s implementation of the DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework by advising the Principal on matters related to teaching and learning, leadership, job embedded professional development, resources, safe and effective learning environments, and family and community engagement.

This year, we will select one parent and elected members serve a 2-year term.  Please email lsat@janneyschool.org with a short bio and rationale on why you want to serve on LSAT by COB Friday, May 3rd. Bios will appear in the May 7th newsletter.

The PTA is currently recruiting executive board members for next school year: one co-treasurer, one co-secretary, and a team of two co-vice presidents.  Want to learn more? Email pta@janneyschool.org or click here to read the PTA bylaws with position descriptions.


Alysia Lutz, Principal

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