We believe play and learning are one and the same.

Through play, Janney Pre-Kindergarten teachers are able to lay a foundation of school readiness that will support student learning at all levels.

This learning includes social-emotional awareness, critical thinking skills, and learning how to communicate with peers and adults. As such, Janney Pre-Kindergarten classrooms offer a variety of ways for students to engage, explore, and have fun. Our students learn through a balance of age-appropriate play and teacher-guided activities, such as small group lessons and open-ended centers that capitalize on student interests and promote positive social interactions with peers. These well-rounded and varied experiences allow Janney Pre-Kindergarten teachers to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our goal is for students to love school and enjoy the learning process. At Janney, we understand that each student will enter the classroom with unique experiences that have shaped his/her learning. Through questioning and modeling of critical thinking skills, Janney Pre-Kindergarten teachers work to deepen each student’s thinking through reflecting on previous and new experiences in order to help them broaden their understanding of their world. To do this, Janney Pre-Kindergarten teachers engage students through a variety of modalities (such as art, music, and movement), and support each student’s unique learning style and interests as students grow to become confident and curious members of the community. With this, each student is appropriately challenged throughout the year to ensure a well-rounded education.

At the end of the Pre- Kindergarten year, students will have made new friends and know how to treat them well, know appropriate school behaviors, and have gained new self-help skills while becoming increasingly independent. In the end, we want our students to love coming to school!

Meet the Pre-K Team

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Pre-K attendance is not compulsory in Washington, DC. Janney uses the DCPS Lottery System to allocate available Pre-K spots. All interested students, no matter where they live, must enter the Pre-K lottery to obtain a Pre-K spot at Janney. To apply for the lottery, please use the DCPS Lottery System.

All students must be 4 years old on or before September 30 to enter Pre-Kindergarten.