Janney+ Executive Board

The Janney+ Programs Executive Board is here to advise the Executive Director of Janney+ Programs on various matters, including those related to Janney’s before and aftercare program and the enrichment and language programs.
2022-2023 Janney+ Programs Executive Board Members

Members of the Janney+ Programs Executive Board have a variety of backgrounds, including early childhood care and education, education management, marketing, and law. Most of the Board members are Janney parents, and the current Board members are listed below.

Caroline Wanner, Janney+ Executive Director

Matthew Curry, President

Wendy Messenger, Vice President

Andrew Shoaff, Treasurer

Arlene Suros, Secretary

Janet Booker

Charlotte Jackson

Marek Koska

Hannah Matthews

Kathleen Quinn

Julie Reddig

There are regular Board and committee meetings throughout the year, including for the Finance and Curriculum Committees. Copies of the Janney+ bylaws and Board minutes for the Janney+ Programs are available for review upon request from the Executive Director. Please reach out to janneyplusEB@janneyschool.org with any questions.