Janney is a vibrant place to be before and after the normal school day, with enrichment activities, clubs, classes and a great care program.

Janney+ offers several different care and enrichment options.

Janney Auxiliary Care

Janney Auxiliary Care (JAC) provides students with supervised, semi-structured recreation and homework time, before and after school. JAC also offers Full and Half Day Camps and Spring Break and Summer Programs.

JAC provides a safe, supportive, nurturing, and playful environment for students who need to extend their school day. Students in JAC get to experience the school in a different but complementary light to regular school day. Their experiences and the relationships they build help them move more confidently through their time at Janney and beyond.

Janney Enrichment Program

The Janney Enrichment Program (JEP) provides clubs during lunchtime and structured classes after school. The goal of enrichment is to provide children an opportunity to expand their knowledge and find new interests. Whether exploring concepts of science, creating works of art, cooking, dancing, running, or learning sportsmanship, children enrolled in the Enrichment Program are engaged, learning new topics, interacting with their peers, and having fun! The program aims to provide something for everyone. Classes vary in content and approach to accommodate different learning styles and interests as well as covering a variety of ages and stages.

Janney Elementary
Language Program

The Janney Elementary Language Program (JELP) offers a program of immersion and experimental language classes in French, Spanish, and Chinese that are accessible and fun. JELP fosters an interest towards other world languages and cultures and, over time, allow students to feel confident to communicate in a functional way in a second language. JELP is open to Janney students in PK through Grade 5.

The three programs work closely together to ensure that students are supervised and move safely back and forth between Language, Enrichment, and Care programs.

A number of additional activities take place before and after school that are managed independently of the Janney+ programs but are coordinated closely to ensure easy and safe transition of kids. These include NoteBusters, the 4th and 5th grade musical, the Janney Band, and Girls on the Run. Details of all of these programs are available here.

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Janney+ is a parent-run non-profit.
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Family Checklist

1: Create an Account

Create an account on Campsite, our registration portal for all Janney+ programs.

2: Set up Student Profile(s)

Set up a profile for each student. Be sure to add a current photo of your student(s) to their profile. These photos are for student safety.

3: Fill out Forms

Complete all forms BEFORE registration opens. Forms must be resubmitted each school year! In addition, you will be asked to read and acknowledge receipt of our Covid health and safety procedures prior to enrolling.

4: Register

Be sure to register your student for a fun-filled Janney+ school year! Registration for all Annual programs will open on July 10th at 8 PM. Registration for all monthly or session long programs will open on July 17th at 8 PM.

5: Update Classroom Teacher

Once you have received your student’s class list toward the end of summer vacation, update their classroom teacher information on Campsite.