Janney Garden Project

The Janney Garden will support Janney’s core values and will provide a plethora of opportunities for learning and growth for Janney students and all members of the Janney community. The vision and purpose of the project are as follows: 

  • Environmental Education: to develop environmental stewardship and ecological literacy
  • Healthy Living Skills: to encourage healthy food choices by providing knowledge about where our food comes and exposure to fresh fruits and veggies; to teach gardening skills
  • Community Development: to cultivate respect, responsibility, cooperation, creativity, positive communication skills and leadership
  • Experiential Education: to provide a space for learning that extends beyond the classroom with hands-on experiences that can be applied to all areas of the school curriculum

The Garden Vision is well-aligned with the Janney Vision. Janney prides itself as being a community of learners that promotes respect and responsibility and that strives to cultivate in its community the skills, values, and confidence to support a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service. Janney encourages children to be joyful, active learners who are confident and ethical citizens of the school community and can apply this to the larger global community. The four pillars of the Garden Project Vision support the core values of Janney: Achievement, Inquiry, Equity, Collaboration, Reflection, and Experimentation.

The Janney Gardens will be an important part of the curriculum and extra-curricular life for students.

Curriculum Integration: Opportunities to teach and deepen students’ achievement on DCPS standards across all subject areas including science, math, language arts, social studies, history, geography and fine and visual arts.

Each grade level will work on a garden that relates to the science and/ or social studies curriculum.

  • Pre Kindergarten: (Stop by and see our new garden!) Caring for Living Things; Life Cycles; Our Five Senses – Using Them to Understand Our World; Sensory Garden; Compost/Food Cycle.
  • Kindergarten: Caring for Living Things – A Peter Rabbit Garden; The Five Senses – A Sensory Garden
  • 1st Grade: Ancient Civilizations Gardens; Animals All Around Unit – Animals in the Soil (worms, isopods, snails)
  • 2nd Grade:  New Plants Unit – How Do New Plants Start? (Propagation); Insect Unit – Butterfly Garden
  •  3rd Grade: Native Plants Garden (DC History Studies); Health and Nutrition Unit – Energy for Life – Fruits & Vegetables
  • 4th Grade: Colonial Studies – Three Sisters Gardens; Colonial Herb/Medicinal Garden
  • 5th Grade: Vegetable Garden (US History Development of Agriculture – plantations and sustainable gardening)

Learning Outside the Classroom: The garden will also provide our community with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the traditional academic realms.

Club Connections – Recycling, Green Team, Lunch Time Clubs, Enrichment Classes

Healthy Food Project Nutrition Education – From Seed to Table: harvesting, food tasting, meal planning, preparing food, cooking, canning projects, and selling herbs and canned goods

As a part of the curriculum, the Janney Garden Project will be lead by Janney faculty, and curriculum integration will occur primarily through the science program.  However, Janney faculty will partner with all members of the community to reach our vision:

  • Janney Parents
  • Janney Students
  • Janney Green Team and Recycling Team
  • Janney Healthy Food Project
  • Janney Garden Club