Vision, Values, & Core Values

of Janney Elementary School

Janney prides itself as being a community of learners that promotes respect and responsibility.

Janney strives to cultivate in its community the skills, values, and confidence to support a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service. The school encourages children to be joyful, active learners who are confident and ethical citizens of the school community and can apply this to the larger global community.

Students will be able to:
  • discover and appreciate their own voice,
  • to listen to others,
  • to express themselves verbally and in writing,
  • to think critically,
  • to solve problems in creative ways,
  • to work cooperatively with others, and
  • to use technology to promote understanding and communication.

While at Janney, students will deepen their knowledge in language arts, history and geography, math, health and physical education, science, and fine arts through a rich, coherent curriculum that reflects the diversity of the world in which we live and takes full advantage of the resources in the DC area.  

The school’s core values promote: 


Children learn in different ways and each educator differentiates instruction to help all students meet high standards. When students perceive meaning and relevance in their work, they are most motivated to learn. Various assessments are used continuously to monitor student learning and inform instruction. 


Students and educators are lifelong learners who value intellectual curiosity and are self-motivated to pursue and advance knowledge and understanding. The curriculum emphasizes depth over breadth of coverage, with the goal of developing habits of mind such as inquiring into causes, marshaling resources, seeing from multiple perspectives, and applying learning to new situations. We strive to integrate the arts into other subject areas to promote deeper levels of inquiry and learning. 


The school community is committed to ensuring that all students in the school have an enriched education and are held to high expectations for student achievement. The school works with children to challenge prejudice, respect differences, and recognize that multiple perspectives inform human experience


The school community works toward common goals through active communication. All members of the school community – including students, teachers, parents, administrators, and support staff – participate in the school. The school promotes professional collegiality by finding avenues to continually discuss the practice of teaching and learning.


Reflection, research and the sharing of ideas are important to the Janney community. 


The school community fosters a spirit of experimentation and discovery among children and educators. The school community encourages its members to be entrepreneurial and accept that some programs will succeed, and others will not. Janney strives to provide a safe place where children and adults can be curious, take risks, and be adventurous.