Bio Template


Use the prompts below to write a bio – or feel free to answer the bulleted items and we’ll format it into a bio for you!

To avoid bothering you about this annually, we’re asking staff to swap phrases such as “for the past five years” or “fifteen years ago” to “in 2019” or “since 2010.” We’d also like to include the year you started working at Janney, in any capacity.

  • Joined Janney in 20__ 
  • Roles you’ve filled at Janney?
  • Other work experience?
  • College or relevant education?
  • Favorite thing about teaching or philosophy of education?

Optional personal info:

  • Fun Fact (Ran a marathon, traveled somewhere remote, won a pie-eating contest, etc.)
  • Hobbies (Skateboard, cook with family, root for sports teams, travel, etc.)
  • Family (Lives in Washington, DC with a partner, children, and a pet.)

Ms. Chetrit’s bio is a great example:

Ms. Chetrit joined the Janney Community in 2019, and has been an early childhood educator at charter and private schools in the DC area since 2013. Raised in Northern California and Texas, Ms. Chetrit moved to DC after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design to work in the building and design industry. After seven years working in an office, she decided to become a teacher through KIPP’s Capital Teaching Residency program. Ms. Chetrit loves incorporating her design background in the classroom by teaching through art, messy materials, and encouraging her students to always use their imaginations. She lives in Washington, DC, with her family, and enjoys finger painting and jumping in rain puddles with her two young sons.