Special Subjects

At Janney our goal is to cultivate life long learners. We strive to educate students through multiple intelligences and learning styles, to find each student’s strengths, interests, and talents and to use those to motivate and challenge students to be active, creative and successful learners. We believe that our Special Subjects program plays an important role in achieving that goal. The art, music, physical education, library and media, social studies, and science programs form an integral part of the education of Janney students. Each special area has a set of standards that form the basis of instruction. Those standards serve to give students a well balanced foundation of knowledge and skills. In addition, the special subject team collaborates with classroom teachers to support, enrich and extend the learning in the classroom. In many ways this collaboration can deepen a student’s level of understanding of a topic introduced in the classroom.

Each special subject has a standards based curriculum that informs lessons, assignments, and assessments for the students. Students are assessed in these subjects based on meeting the standards for each grade level. Individual effort and growth are also taken into consideration in assessing students. As part of the curriculum, special subject teachers occasionally send assignments or projects to be worked on at home. These projects are an important part of student learning, and we asked that parents support students in the completion of these assignments as they do with assignments that come home from the classroom.

Take a look at our Guide to Janney’s Specials Curriculum, and learn about what students are studying in Specials by clicking on each Special Subject Teacher’s website.