Core Curriculum

Early Childhood Program (Grades Pre-K through 2)

The Early Childhood Program focuses on developmentally appropriate practice and individualized instruction. As educators, the early childhood teachers recognize the fact that the school plays a major role in both the social and the academic development of the child. Children in the Early Childhood Program are encouraged to internalize and embrace those concepts and beliefs, which will foster better relationships with others in the school as well as within the community.

Teachers provide many opportunities for children to engage in activities where they learn to work together cooperatively in large and small groups, to respect individual strengths and differences, to problem solve in more meaningful ways, to help establish and understand rules and logical consequences, and to appreciate, practice, and see the value in using common courtesies when working with others.

Through the implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach, children continually practice those social skills, which will insure their social and personal growth as contributing members of the school and society as a whole.

Intermediate Program (Grades 3, 4, and 5)

The goal of the Intermediate program is to provide support to all students as they learn and grow through the intermediate level. The students should become independent learners who take pride in their accomplishments and show high levels of effort through group projects, collaborative problem solving, and respect for others. Ultimately, students recognize the merit of others as well as themselves.