On-Going/ Daily Assessments

At Janney, our teachers use both formative and summative assessments to help plan instruction for the whole class, small groups, and individual students. Teachers regularly confer with students, collect and analyze work samples, and observe students in reading, writing, and math to assess students’ grasp of concepts and determine the next steps for them.

All students in every classroom work with teachers in small group settings and in one-on-one settings. Small groups and one-on-one work allow teachers to target specific needs whether it is to review or enrich.


Report Cards

DC report cards, which are aligned to the Common Core Standards, are distributed at the end of each advisory. In each advisory, teachers will communicate the expectations of each strand/ standard on the report card, and teachers will indicate whether students are beginning (B), developing (D), or secure (S) in a strand or concept. Parents will have opportunities to discuss students’ progress and work at parent-teacher conferences, which are scheduled for the end of each advisory.  Please see the Janney calendar for dates and times.


Parents Right To Know – Assessment Participation (Link)