Janney fulfills its mission with a wide variety of programs that address the unique qualities of all of its students. School-wide academic approaches include Balanced Literacy and the implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop and Everyday Math. School-wide climate and culture approaches include Responsive Classroom and Positive Behavior Support.

Balanced Literacy

Balanced Literacy is an instructional approach that is rooted in the belief that teachers grow great readers and writers through a gradual release structure where there is time for explicit teaching of strategies and skills, teacher modeling, and students’ practice and application to their independent work using authentic texts.

Our students are given opportunities to interact with and comprehend multiple types of texts of their own choosing from a selection which are just right for them. In Reader’s Workshop, students are taught reading strategies through modeling by the teacher and have opportunities to practice and apply the strategies to their own books. Students experience explicit level- and strategy-based minilessons in whole class sessions, small groups, and individual conferences as part of their learning process.

Our students learn what it means to be a writer through Writer’s Workshop. Teachers model the use of writing crafts and structures through mentor texts by real authors and writing samples from teachers and other students. Students experience explicit strategy- and craft-based writing instruction through whole class minilessons, small groups, partner conferences, and individual conferences. Students are working authors who experiences the writing process – think, plan, draft, revise, and publish – to hone and develop their own craft as they work through each piece of writing.

Everyday Math

Everyday Mathematics is a complete Kindergarten through Grade 5 curriculum that embraces many traditional goals, such as mastering basic facts and computing proficiently, as well as an ambitious new goal: substantially raising expectations with respect to the amount and range of mathematics that students can learn.

Additionally, all students receive instruction in Science and Social Studies both as a special and in their general education classroom, and all students take one period of Art, Library Book Sign Out, Library Research, Music, and Physical Education each week.