Speaking with Your Kids About Race and Racism

Our work around race and equity as a primarily white community begins with educating ourselves and our children about the ways racism is woven into our daily lives. These conversations are important in order for us to be better at identifying inequities as they arise, so that we can be active in working against those policies, practices, and thoughts that lead to the continuation of racism. Please use the following resources as a starting point for developing the conversations in your home. This list will grow and change, so please visit regularly.

*Resource for talking with children about recent events:
George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor.  What do we tell our children?”

*Provides developmentally appropriate ways to discuss prejudice with children:
Teaching Tolerance publication: Beyond the Golden Rule

*Provides explicit language to use with your children when discussing race, gender, and class:
100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say to Your Child to Advance Social Justice

*“We need more white parents to talk totheir kids about race. Especially now.”

*Talking About Race, tools and guidance from the National Museum of African American History and Culture