Local School Advisory Team (LSAT)

The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) advises the Principal on issues related to the Local School Plan: what is needed at the school, where we want to be as a school, whether we are there, and if not, how we should get there.

LSAT meetings are open to the Janney community for observation. Meetings typically occur on the second Tuesday of each month in the school library, beginning at 6 pm.

The Janney LSAT is composed of the Principal, six teachers, six parents, and, at times, a student representative and a community representative. The LSAT supports the Principal’s implementation of the DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework by advising the Principal on matters related to teaching and learning, leadership, job embedded professional development, resources, safe and effective learning environments, and family and community engagement.

The LSAT is an elected body that serves in an advisory capacity to the Principal by:

1. Receiving and making appropriate recommendations regarding the development of the Local School Plan,

2. Monitoring and assessing the implementation of the Local School Plan,

3. Using assessment results to develop and modify specific strategies for school improvement, and

4. Ensuring compliance with established guidelines, contracts, and District rules.

Teacher representatives to the LSAT are elected annually by the faculty. Parent representatives are elected to serve staggered 2-year terms to ensure continuity. Immediate past co-presidents of the PTA serve in an ex officio capacity. Elections for the LSAT are held each Spring.

Staff Representatives

Danielle Singh

Tawana Franklin

Rebecca Reuter

Liz DiCrosta

Marq Royster

Parent Representatives

Natalie Price Alpert

Nawaf Felemban

Becky Hale

Mary-Beth Malcarney

Joy McGlaun

Maureen Perrone

PTA Representatives

Brooke Brown

Audrey Cooling

Elizabeth Mitchell


Meeting Notes