How to Enroll

School Year 2021-22 Enrollment

Access the enrollment packet and enroll online at

Please contact Ms. Tawana Franklin at or Ms. Kim Calnan-Crismali at with questions. Please enroll as soon as you can.

General Information

Students who live in the Janney Elementary School zone may enroll at Janney at any time. However, please keep in mind that our school budget and balanced classroom assignments require the school to know how many students will be enrolled as soon as possible. To determine if you are in the Janney district, please refer to the DCPS website.

All students must provide certification of immunizations each year by the first day of school. You may enroll before these health forms are completed and hand them in later, but before the start of the school year. Families must also provide proof of residency in the Janney Elementary School district or be accepted for admission to Janney through the DCPS lottery process. The lottery process for enrollment takes place from January to February the prior school year to desired enrollment. To read more about the lottery process or view results from last year’s lottery, go to the DCPS website.

All information should be submitted to the Janney front office between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.


Pre-K attendance is not compulsory in Washington DC, and DCPS does not guarantee spots in schools for all students. All interested students, no matter where they live, must enter the Pre-K lottery to obtain a Pre-K spot at Janney. Traditionally, demand for Pre-K spots exceeds available space at Janney. Janney uses the DCPS Pre-K lottery system to allocate available Pre-K spots. In recent history, all pre-K spots have gone to in-boundary families or students with siblings already enrolled at the school.

Registration for the Pre-K lottery will occur online in January/February each year. Please check the DCPS website for more details and exact dates. The actually lottery occurs in early March. Results are posted online and mailed to families. Families usually have until April 1 to accept their offer and until May 1 to register with the school if they wish to accept their lottery placement. Students who live in-boundary for Janney, students with siblings at Janney, and students who live within 3 blocks of Janney receive preference in the lottery – otherwise children are selected at random through an electronic system.

The number of slots available for enrollment will determine the number of children selected. If more than one child from a family is entered into a school’s lottery, each child is entered individually; hence, the lottery does not guarantee that all children from the same family will be selected.

There are three Pre-K classes at Janney (60 spaces). A child must be 4 years old on or before September 30th to enter Pre-Kindergarten.

Kindergarten-Grade 5

If a family lives within neighborhood boundaries for Janney, parents may choose to send their child to Janney Elementary School at any time during the school year. Any child living in-boundary is guaranteed placement in Kindergarten-grade 5 at Janney. A child must be 5 years old on or before September 30th to enter Kindergarten.

Parents may apply to enroll their child in a school that is not their neighborhood school. Each year schools project how many spots will be available for students who live out-of-bounds for that school. Parents who live outside a specific school’s boundary may apply for enrollment at these schools through the out-of-boundary lottery process. Parents may view the projections and apply online for each child via DCPS Lottery System.

Registration for the DCPS out-of-boundary lottery usually takes place in January and February the prior school year to desired enrollment. Results of the lottery are usually posted online and mails are sent home in early March. Families have until April 1st to accept their lottery placement and until May 1 to complete the necessary enrollment forms. First preference for spaces in the out-of-boundary lottery is given to applicants who have siblings currently attending Janney and to students who live within a 3 block radius of Janney.

Grade 6

Sixth grade students may enroll at the Alice Deal Middle School.

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