Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janney’s current enrollment?
Janney currently has students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. After four years of sharp enrollment increases, our enrollment has remained relatively stable for the past four school years. Our enrollment is generally around 700 students.

How many classes are there at each grade level?
Janney has three pre-kindergarten classes and, typically, five classes per grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade.

What is the current class size at each grade level?
Each of our pre-kindergarten classes is capped at twenty students per classroom. Our other grade levels fluctuate between 20-26 students per class.

How many teachers are at Janney?
Janney has a unique staffing model and is fortunate to have many adults at each grade level that support classroom instruction. Each classroom has a lead teacher. Each grade level has at least one co-teacher. A co-teacher is a teacher who is trained in specialized instruction and either has a background in reading or math intervention or special education. Co-teachers provide remediation or acceleration for students both inside and outside of the classroom. Our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms also have one partner teacher per class as well. A partner teacher is an adult who is there to support the classroom teacher. Many of our partner teachers are teachers-in-training and we are fortunate to have several teachers on staff who began their careers as partner teachers at Janney. Our first through third grades also have partner teachers that are shared between classes on the grade level.

What is Janney’s instructional model?
Janney follows a reader’s and writer’s workshop framework for literacy instruction in kindergarten through fifth grades. The workshop model allows students to work at their own independent reading and writing level while learning specific strategies and skills that support their growth as readers and writers. We adapt the Eureka curriculum for math instruction. Eureka math provides a rigorous scope and sequence that allows students to learn necessary concepts and procedures while also learning how to solve problems using methods that work for them. We also teach science and social studies on a weekly or quarterly basis. We have three science teachers that support the grade levels, and two science labs that students visit on a weekly basis.

Our fourth and fifth graders switch classes both in preparation for middle school and because we believe that our upper elementary school teachers can be most effective when they have the opportunity to teach one to two content areas. Our students rotate through reading, writing, math, and science or social studies classes.

What special classes do Janney students visit?
All of our students have physical education, music, and art on a weekly basis. Science lab is a special, as is library. Our younger students visit the garden and Spanish class while our older students attend digital communications class.

My child might need additional support. What does Janney offer?
Janney follows an inclusion model with the flexibility to pull students out of the classroom to provide more individualized support. If a student requires more academic support, the classroom teacher, the co-teacher, and sometimes the partner teacher will provide that support for as long as it is warranted. We also have a dynamic student support services team that provides support for students’ social and emotional needs. We have a full-time school psychologist, a full time social worker, and two part-time school counselors. We have an occupational therapist and a speech language pathologist who are at Janney three days per week. Our dynamic team works collaboratively to provide the supports that students need to be successful at Janney and beyond.

How does before and after-care work?
Janney+ offers several different care and enrichment options. Janney Auxiliary Care (JAC) provides students with supervised, semi-structured recreation and homework time, before and after school. JAC also offers camps during the school year and in the summer. The Janney Enrichment Program (JEP) provides structured classes after school. The Janney Elementary Language Program (JELP) offers structured language immersion classes. The three programs work closely together. You can read more about our programs at the Janney school website

JAC occurs daily from dismissal until 6pm. Our afternoon programming offers both routine and choice: students enjoy snack, afternoon meeting, and outdoor or indoor recreation with the same grade-level group of students daily, and end the evening with structured game time within mixed-age small groups. Families are able to register for JAC on an annual or monthly basis.

JEP and JELP occur from 3:30-4:30 each afternoon. JEP classes are divided into three sessions throughout the year. You can view the classes that will be offered through the catalog. JELP is a full year program. Students can select between advanced or beginner classes in Mandarin, French, and Spanish.

Registration for the 2022-23 school year will open mid-July. We use the Campsite platform as our registration portal ( You will need to create a family account, upload your children’s pictures, and complete all forms prior to registration. By creating your family profile now, you will receive important communication about registration via Campsite over the summer.